The job of an advisor is one of immense trust and responsibility. It involves understanding client concerns and objectives, while evaluating their tolerance for risk. With a straightforward approach, Norm Caris provides his clients with tailored advice and care for their financial wellbeing.

Norm started trading stocks at 12 years old, because it was something that was extremely interesting to him. It wasn’t until he got his financial services career started at Paine Webber Jackson and Curtis that it took off, and by the time he was in his mid-20s he was already the firm’s biggest producer. Throughout his 49-year career in finance, he worked with a number of highly regarded institutions, that also included Wedbush Morgan Securities where he ran institutional sales, when it acquired Morgan, Olmstead, Kennedy & Gardner in 1988.

A big part of Norm’s career has been working with money managers and major institutional business, leveraging his contacts and their portfolios to best benefit his clients and their financial goals. His journey in financial services also includes work in Investment Banking; whether it’s helping companies from the brink of insolvency or introducing other investment opportunities for those looking to be on the ground floor of what will become world-renowned name brands in the sports, leisure, and technology industries. Suffice it to say, Norm’s isn’t your typical financial advisor, which is an extra value for his clients. His knowledge and expertise are so expansive it was acknowledged in renowned money manager/philanthropist Peter Lynch’s book “One Up On Wall Street.” Norm is incredibly excited to be back with Wedbush Securities, where he can refresh his relationships and serve as a facilitator for others to generate new opportunities.

Norm joined the Navy Reserves at the age of 17 before starting his financial services career at 20. He was enamored with the now world-renowned Seal Team Six, and has been honored for his ongoing support. Norm has six children and nine grandchildren. He, and his wife Evelin live in Kauai since 2002. On the island, he is also an active member of his community; supporting a number of organizations including local hospitals and law enforcement. In his spare time, he can be found on the tennis court and playing bridge with his neighbors.


  • Top producer for five years in his mid-20’s
  • Supports local institutions such as hospitals and law enforcement


  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Management

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