Cole Petersen excels in seamlessly merging financial planning with portfolio management to provide clients with a holistic financial perspective. His mission is to create personalized solutions that not only align with clients’ financial life goals but also inspire their enthusiastic implementation.

With an extensive background in financial services, Cole served as a dedicated financial advisor at Edward Jones where he honed his skills in crafting tailored financial solutions. Prior to this, he held pivotal roles on the corporate side at DaVita specializing in comprehensive financial analysis and reporting. In 2023 he made the strategic move to Wedbush, aiming to further enhance his robust client relationships and provide invaluable financial guidance throughout the various stages of their lives. Cole firmly believes that Wedbush’s exceptional team and resources create the ideal environment to turn his vision into reality for both current and future clients.

Originally from Atlantic, IA, Cole has been a proud Denver, CO resident for nearly a decade. Beyond his financial expertise, his life is enriched by his young daughter, Lotti, who loves swimming, art, and outdoor play. An avid outdoor enthusiast himself, Cole enjoys activities like snowboarding and hiking. His passion for sports has been a lifelong pursuit, and he also finds joy in music, concerts, comedy, and quality time with friends and family.

Chris Ellis is a dedicated financial advisor with a business philosophy that revolves around the invaluable impact of informed decision-making. Through thoughtful coaching and meticulous planning, Chris makes it his mission to equip his clients with the tools necessary to make strategic choices that drive sustained financial health.

With a distinguished background as a men's college basketball manager at Pepperdine University and as a women’s college basketball assistant coach at the University of California, Irvine Chris seamlessly pivoted to a successful career in the financial services industry. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chris combines his mentor mindset and coaching acumen to provide unparalleled guidance to clients. Honing in on his finance experience, Chris shaped his career through roles at CUSO Financial Services, LAPD Financial Credit Union and Independent Financial Group.

A California native, Chris calls Pasadena home. Outside of work, he finds fulfillment in spending quality time with his family and is a dedicated father of two who actively coaches youth volleyball, basketball and soccer.

Patricia Hirata is a seasoned professional with over 23 years of experience in the financial services business. Driven by a profound desire to improve the quality of life for her clients, her distinctive approach places an emphasis on crafting meticulous financial strategies that resonate with the unique needs and aspirations of each client.

Before joining Wedbush, Patricia spent time at Wamu Investments, Chase, U.S. Bancorp Advisors and U.S. Bank. While building her banking experience through these roles, Patricia pursued her education at Mills College in Oakland, and later earned a biology degree from the University of Southern California. Specializing in high-net-worth individuals, retirement planning and non-profit organizations, Patricia puts a strong emphasis on the planning process when crafting thoughtful solutions for her clients. Beyond the numbers, Patricia views the financial industry as a noble career, a perspective that not only remains her driving force but also fortifies her commitment.

Family values and personal connections are at the core of Patricia’s life. Born and raised in Hawaii, she now calls California home. Despite the distance, Patricia maintains strong ties, frequently visiting her son and granddaughter in Honolulu, as well as cherishing moments with her other son residing in San Jose. In addition to her professional endeavors, Patricia has a deep passion for traveling, channels her creativity into home renovations, and finds solace in gardening.

At the core of Nobue Weber’s business philosophy lies her genuine passion for client interaction. Whether it's helping individuals face-to-face or providing investment advice, Nobue's dedication to understanding and addressing clients' financial needs sets her apart. With a robust background in banking, she not only brings a wealth of experience to her role but also offers a wide and varied array of expertise.

Starting her career at Union Bank, Nobue honed her skills as a banker, mastering the intricacies of financial services. During this time, she discovered her love for helping clients improve their quality of life, finding genuine fulfillment in assisting them with their financial goals. Strategically transitioning to the role of a wealth management banker at U.S. Bank, Nobue’s dedication to helping clients with a holistic approach flourished. This commitment resulted in the development of a strong synergy with advisor Patty Hirata, eventually leading to Wedbush and marking her first crossover to the investment side.

Born and raised in Japan, Nobue takes pride in serving a diverse array of clients with fluency in Japanese. Now residing in California with her husband and daughter, Nobue's heart belongs to animals. As the proud pet owner of three cats and a dog, she dedicates her time to volunteering and fostering. Her love for nature and adventure shines through her enthusiasm for visiting National Parks, with Yosemite holding a special place in her heart. Nobue’s dream is to one day visit all of the National Parks.


• MeoowzResQ Cats Volunteer
• Cats in Tow Rescue & Sanctuary Volunteer

Rick Johnson joined Wedbush Securities at the beginning of 2024 as a Financial Advisor and Investment Planning Specialist in the firm’s Santa Rosa office, partnering with longtime friend and business associate, Dru Argue.

Rick is a prominent and highly regarded figure in the investment community, having cultivated numerous enduring relationships during his 18-year tenure at First Trust. His expertise in unit investment trusts, as well as stocks, bonds, and ETFs, has offered Wedbush's clients a range of robust investment options over the years and makes him well equipped for both financial and relationship management.

Rick's journey into the financial industry took an unconventional approach. Initially, he achieved recognition as a record-breaking college quarterback at Southern Illinois University, leading the team to an NCAA Division 1-AA championship title. Following this success, he became a second-round draft pick for the Los Angeles Rams and later a veteran of the Canadian Football League. Subsequently, Rick transitioned from his athletic career to Hollywood, where he explored roles as an actor, producer, and director.

His experience in managing his personal finances during his football career and involvement in production financing for TV and film laid the foundation for his segue into financial services. Rick went on to become a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and served as the Vice President and Unit Trust Specialist at First Trust. During his time at First Trust, he collaborated with financial advisors nationwide, including many at Wedbush. Notably, he worked closely with advisors in the Santa Rosa office, establishing connections with his now business partner, Dru Argue.

Originally from Illinois, Rick has now made the East Bay area of California his home. He continues to find pleasure in watching college football and cheering for his SIU Salukis

Rebecca Hern is Senior Vice President of Investments for Wedbush Securities’ budding office and growing footprint in Dallas, TX. Specializing in serving divorced or widowed women, Rebecca believes in crafting highly personalized financial plans tailored to each of her unique clients. Regardless of background, Rebecca acts as an advocate for her clients and is committed to navigating through their financial journeys with a hands-on approach.

With over a decade of experience in finance, Rebecca's journey began as a Licensed Personal Banker and includes roles at WesBanco Bank, NA, PNC Bank, NA, and UBS Financial. Beginning with assisting clients in meeting their fundamental financial needs, Rebecca established a solid foundation for comprehensively addressing their entire financial picture. Her subsequent three-year tenure as a Financial Advisor and Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch marked a pivotal period where she honed her skills in client-focused financial planning. Joining Wedbush represented a natural progression for Rebecca, offering the flexibility to continue providing exemplary service while enjoying the benefits of working in her hometown.

Returning to the area from Lexington, KY, Rebecca has firmly rooted herself in Dallas, which she proudly calls home. Beyond her professional pursuits, she enjoys scuba diving and tennis. Engaged in her community, Rebecca actively contributes to the Junior League of Lexington and Dallas and is a Giving Mas ambassador. Yet, the greatest joys in Rebecca's life come from her two beloved French Bulldogs, Abby and Charlie.


• Junior League of Lexington and Dallas joint member
• Giving Mas Ambassador

Dwayne Maki embodies a client-centric approach, viewing himself as an indispensable resource for crafting tailored financial and retirement strategies. With over 15 years in the financial services industry, Dwayne's journey, from a professional surfer to a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), reflects his commitment to continuous growth and client success.

Rooted in Daytona Beach, Florida, Dwayne's early life molded his understanding of financial challenges. Raised by a resilient single mother, he discovered solace in surfing, achieving global success. Despite his surfing triumphs, Dwayne foresaw its impermanence, leading to a deliberate transition after winning the 1995 HIC Pipeline Pro. Now, with over 15 years in finance, Dwayne strategically joins Wedbush during a pivotal growth phase for the firm in the greater Honolulu area. His prior roles, including financial leadership at Merrill Lynch and contributions at CUSCO Financial Service, showcase his seasoned expertise and capacity to contribute to Wedbush’s success.

Establishing himself in Oahu in the mid-1980s, Dwayne found more than a home – he discovered a lasting love for the island that has endured over the years. His connection with Oahu goes beyond the professional, shaping not only his career but also his personal identity. He is a dedicated advocate for continuous education and embodies a commitment to lifelong learning.

Lynn Sperandeo has been a trailblazer throughout her entire decades-long career, serving as one of the first females to cross over from an assistant to becoming one of the most respected Financial Advisors on The Street. All of this at a time where an advanced career in this area didn’t go much beyond administrative support for women. Because of her hard work and vested interest in the success of the business, she was also the first woman to receive a percentage of a book working alongside one of her mentors, David Knott. Four years later he retired, but not before passing along his entire book to her and she hasn’t looked back.

Lynn is a straight shooter who provides her high-net-worth clients a mini family office style with a white glove approach. She firmly believes that building a connection with her clients beyond their investment preferences can foster enduring loyalty. This is a source of pride for her. Learning more about her clients' lives, understanding their families, and grasping their overarching goals not only fortifies her relationships but also equips her with additional resources to help clients achieve their financial and life objectives.

Lynn did her due diligence before signing on with Wedbush Securities after her nearly 20 years with B. Riley Financial in 2023. All the stars aligned for this transition and she said that it was the “right move at the right time to come to a firm that has so much potential.” As a Financial Advisor, she remains committed to paying it forward by mentoring individuals aspiring to excel in financial services. Additionally, she is a champion for women in the workplace, advocating for their advancement and success in financial services.

Lynn is a native New Yorker and has built a beautiful life that she thoroughly enjoys with her husband of more than 50 years. She spends her free time dining out and shooting pool at her home in New York’s Westchester County.