The Wedbush Equities Sales and Trading group utilize traditional and primary research resources to deliver superior information flow and investment ideas to institutional clients.

As a seasoned, value-added and trusted partner, Wedbush Equities Trading leads with exemplary performance and execution, while leveraging deep relationships to partner with our client base. Our team provides sector specialist trading content and expertise, fully complementing the firm’s award-winning fundamental research verticals—Consumer, Financial Institutions, Healthcare, and Technology.

With no proprietary or dark pool trading desks, our Equity Trading team delivers best in execution, removing any ECN/execution bias, allowing for a fully-transparent trading and routing process.

• Multiple routing and smart routing systems minimizing leakage/gaming, while maximizing liquidity

• Market makers in 1,400+ NASDAQ stocks



Our analysts’ expertise identifies industry trends and rising leaders in initial stages. Our research provides in-depth analysis that is continually updated, leading to timely investment opportunities, as well as survey-based coverage.