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Asset Management

Today's investors demand more than just traditional stock and bond recommendations – they also want professional portfolio management. Wedbush Securities maintains close connections with some of the best third party portfolio managers in the industry. To choose the right managers for our clients, we screen thousands of investment firms using performance-based and risk-related criteria, followed by on-site evaluations. Once vetted, Wedbush Asset Management professionals provide fully customizable portfolio analysis and asset allocation for high-net worth individuals and institutions through several fee-based solutions.

Discretionary Managed Accounts (DMA):
Many clients allow their Wedbush Advisor to make expert investment decisions on their behalf with full discretion granted to the Advisor. For more information on the convenience and simplicity of this type of fee-based account, please contact your Wedbush Advisor.

Mutual Fund Model Strategies:
We offer intelligent, fee-based mutual fund wrap portfolio designs and strategies that range in degree of risk and investment minimums to suit each client's unique profile. Your Wedbush Advisor can assist in identifying the model best suited to your specific goals. A strategically chosen fund can help to provide you with consistent and sustainable positive performance over the long term, regardless of market conditions over the short term.

RIA Services:
Wedbush Asset Management offers an extensive array of RIA Services that include: a customizable wealth management and technology platform, premier programs and products, strategic operations support, financing and acquisitions resources, and compliance and regulatory guidance.

Self Directed Accounts (SDI):
Wedbush clients can easily purchase stocks, bonds, mutual funds, unit investment trusts, Exchange-Traded Funds, Closed End Funds and more, all within one fee-based account. And they can do this however and whenever they choose, without paying any per transaction commissions. Your Wedbush Advisor can provide all the information to help you utilize this type of account in a way that complements your investment goals.

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA):
Your Wedbush Advisor can help you select a third party asset manager to actively manage your account. We maintain an extensive roster of highly reputable third party managers who have been evaluated by our specialists and scrutinized to satisfy the firm's high standards of excellence, consistency and performance.

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