Wedbush Executives Sleep Out to Raise Awareness and Funds for Homeless Youth

For the second consecutive year, Wedbush Securities will be participating in the Covenant House Sleep Out: Executive Edition as part of our ongoing efforts to combat youth homelessness. The sleep out experience invites executives to raise awareness for the 4.2 million children who struggle to find appropriate housing each year.

The Covenant House is a unique organization that provides homeless youth with shelter, stable housing, and resources to find steady employment. Most importantly, they help youth understand how much they matter.

Wedbush colleagues from Los Angeles and Chicago will be participating in the Sleep Out simultaneously on November 21, 2019.

Investment Associate, Shivan Somaratne discussed the impact participating in the Sleep Out had on him, “As the homeless epidemic in our city grows, it is more important than ever for us to reach out and pull our youth off of the streets. Listening to stories of the youth that have successfully gone through the program, and then experiencing the cold hard reality that thousands of homeless youth are forced to endure every night on the streets of Los Angeles has truly changed my life. I am so glad that Wedbush has put its name behind such an amazing cause.”

Being located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles makes our firm keenly aware of the homeless epidemic impacting the city. The Covenant House Sleep Out represents a step forward in providing the support that many homeless youth need.

Former Covenant House Board Member and Managing Director of Investments, Karl Pettijohn shared what makes the Sleep Out special, “I have seen the impact that the Covenant House has on the youth they support over my last 7 years as a Sleep Out participant. I believe through their nationwide efforts and the work of many other non-profits that we can provide housing and resources to all those in need. This event stands out from many other fundraisers because there are almost no associated costs, just pizza and cardboard boxes to sleep on. I am excited that the firm is strongly combating youth homelessness and acting as a pillar of the community.”

We are honored to support an organization that encourages understanding and compassion for those who are less fortunate. Learn more about our efforts and donate to Team Wedbush!