Wedbush’s Vision for 2024: A Tech Revolution Unleashed

In the eyes of our tech Equity Research team, the dawn of a new tech bull market signals a promising era for the disruptive tech sector in 2024. Anticipating a robust year ahead, the focus is on tech stocks poised for strength, with Big Tech leading the charge fueled by the impending “AI spending tidal wave.”  

See below for our annual investor tech wish list, outlining the top 10 aspirations for the disruptive tech sector in the coming year, spearheaded by senior analysts Dan Ives, Scott Devitt and Taz Koujalgi. 

1. AI Mainstream Adoption: Predicting AI to be the transformative force of the decade, with a projected 8%-10% share of IT budgets by 2024. 

2. Apple’s AI App Store: Envisioning Apple’s launch of an AI App Store, potentially boosting Services revenue by $5 billion annually by 2025. 

3. Big Tech M&A Surge: Expecting a wave of mergers and acquisitions in Big Tech, especially Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet, enhancing their product footprint. 

4. Tesla’s Sub $30k Vehicle: Predicting Tesla’s game-changing move with the introduction of a sub $30k vehicle from its Mexico production. 

5. 25% Surge in Tech Stocks: Forecasting a 25% increase in tech stocks in 2024, driven by solid enterprise spending and AI catalysts. 

6. Apple’s ESPN Acquisition: Speculating Apple’s strategic move to acquire ESPN assets, reshaping its content and services landscape. 

7. Cybersecurity Dominance: Identifying cybersecurity as the standout sub-sector of tech in 2024, with top picks including ZS, CRWD, CYBR, PANW, and TENB. 

8. Magnificent 7 Tech Leaders: Anticipating a 30% surge in the Magnificent 7 stocks, leading tech growth in 2024, with AI at the forefront. 

9. Musk’s Super-App Concept: Expecting Elon Musk to raise capital for X and focus on developing it into a super-app, leveraging the $44 billion spent on Twitter/X in 2022. 

10. Microsoft and Apple’s $4 Trillion Milestone: Predicting Apple as the first $4 trillion company in 2024, with Microsoft close behind in early 2025 as the AI Revolution takes hold.