The Wedbush Organization of Women Provides Resources for Career Success

The Wedbush Organization of Women is a powerful resource that brings together our female colleagues for networking and career advancement opportunities.

As firm, we are dedicated to providing the support and resources that colleagues need to lead successful careers as well as fulfilling lives. The WOW is a unique opportunity to create strong relationships between female and male colleagues alike.

WOW recently hosted a networking event at the Harbor House located at the Wedbush Center. This networking event was focused on career growth opportunities, and building meaningful connections. Attendees were part of a dialogue on how to develop a strong system of support and resources in the workplace.

During the event, Kirsten Fraunces, Head of Equities, led an exercise where members could present an “ask” of a personal or professional task that they needed assistance with. Once members placed their “ask” on the board, other participants could offer help and expertise.

This innovative exercise used a learning technique from the Stanford Business School, which attempts to build a pool of resources and allow accessibility for everyone involved.

We hope these exercises and continued networking events continue our reputation as a first-class place for women to learn and expand in their careers.

Learn more about career opportunities at Wedbush and become a future member of the Wedbush Organization of Women.