WedbushCares Sponsors Book Fair in Sacramento

On a brisk Tuesday morning in Cordova Meadows, a suburb of Sacramento, Andrea Perez’s first-grade class bustled with excitement as they lined up outside the library door of Cordova Meadows Elementary School for something that the school hadn’t seen in eight years, a book fair. Inside, the team from Wedbush’s Sacramento office and members of the WedbushCares team made final preparations to welcome the school for two fun-filled days of giving and service to the community.

As the kids filed in and began grabbing books from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, graphic novels on popular video games such as Minecraft and Roblox, and books about princesses, the realization that they were going to be able to take home three books free of charge was an experience of happiness and joy.

The absence of price was made possible as part of WedbushCares’ new collaborated with the Scholastic Corporation to provide access to books to students at Title 1 institutions. The Title 1 program provides financial assistance to schools with high percentages of children from low-income families, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

“We’re really excited about this new collaboration,” said Kevin Jordan, SVP of Inclusion, Diversity & Community Outreach. “It’s going to give us an opportunity to come in, roll up our sleeves, and engage with students and build better schools. I think when you build better schools, you build better communities.”

The partnership with the Scholastic Corporation is just one facet of a larger initiative of WedbushCares,1,000 Acts of Service. The 1,000 Acts of Service initiative encourages colleagues to partner, volunteer, and contribute to their communities in a meaningful and positive way. The campaign incentivizes colleagues to track their acts of service in a variety of ways. with the overarching goal of investing time in causes that make a difference and shape the community.

To learn more about current and past WedbushCares initiatives, or to reach out to Wedbush and see how your organization can get involved, visit here.