Women in Finance: Equity Research

Recent data from Odyssey Search Partners indicates female equity research analysts remain a rarity. As reported in Institutional Investor, among surveyed sell-side research analysts, only 14% reported they were female. Additionally, only 12% of senior analysts are female.1  Gender imbalance in the space is nothing new. A Harvard Business Review article from 2004 examining analyst performance shows many parallels with today’s environment.2

“So, what do you do?” 

Setting aside the industry backdrop, I consider myself fortunate to be an equity research analyst. Simply put, few roles exist that allow you to constantly be challenged to learn, to think, and to communicate. Equity research analysts don’t deal with an ordinary 9-to-5 workload, and maintaining work-life balance represents a very real issue to consider. However, every day brings something new – I love to be immersed in a fast-paced, unpredictable space like the biotechnology sector, interacting with companies working to deliver life-changing therapies. The work mixes my interests in science and finance in a way few other roles could.

“My work at Wedbush”

While I have been in the finance industry for ten years, I represent a newer addition to the Wedbush Life Sciences team. As fortunate as I consider myself to be an analyst, I think I’m even luckier to have found a firm like Wedbush. Supportive teams are often talked about, but this is clearly evident at Wedbush and I’m grateful to be surrounded by great colleagues and managers. Despite the unpredictable nature of the equity research role, we are given the freedom to find solutions that work for us and to distinguish our franchise.  I see an environment with good opportunities, where my work is valued and where there are other women in senior roles. What I hope to see in the coming years across the industry are greater investments in retaining female talent and a correction to the imbalance – I see Wedbush as a firm that can lead by example.

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Laura Chico
Senior Vice President, Equity Research
Biotechnology, and Biopharmaceuticals


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