Women in Finance: Starting Your Career

If someone were to have told me just a year ago that I would eventually find my dream job in the finance industry, I may have laughed in their face. No way could that have been true. Anything related to finance has never been my strong suit, and I didn’t even know what a stock ticker was. Flash to now, several months into my journey with Wedbush, and I’m happy to say that not every role within the finance space means you have to analyze the stock market or be a wealth manager. I’m early on in my public relations career within the finance space, but can already see the wealth of opportunities ahead and the history that can be made.

Financial services play a huge role in making our world function, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that it’s an industry heavily dominated by men. We are starting to see women in finance on the rise, including the first ever female President of the New York Stock Exchange, Stacey Cunningham, and our own Head of Capital Markets, Kirsten Fraunces. However, the gender gap persists. Just because a firm is comprised of many women, doesn’t mean they are the ones at the table making decisions. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of women in the finance space who are making a lifelong career in this industry and helping to pave the way for others.

I was fortunate enough to find and land this position at a time when jobs all across the world were uncertain. The pandemic resulted in many people losing their jobs, me being one of them. Due to this past experience, I was determined that my next company would be one of stability and based in a more reliable industry. Lo and behold, this is exactly what the finance industry offers. People say that money doesn’t make the world go round, but if you think about it, where would we be without the vast and complex web of the equities business and stock market? True the stock market isn’t an accurate example of the overall economy, but the financial services industry is essential to helping our economy move forward.

So here I am, in the early stages of my public relations career looking to make a positive impact as a woman in a male-centric industry. Every company needs a team to help manage their reputation and effectively promote their business, and finance companies are no different. You could even argue that the role of a public relations professional is more vital within the finance space because we are here to clarify and break through all the noise and competition that is out there. The same can also be said about the array of other non-traditional positions in finance. So many powerful women have shaped specialty areas within the industry, such as marketing and communication, and I am glad that I can be a part of it.

In finance, people usually know who the big players are. It’s easy to forget that there are also so many other people, like me and my team, working behind the scenes to keep the show going. Career journeys are rarely linear or go the way you initially planned, so keep an open mind and stay receptive to all industries. Think outside of the box. So many skills are transferable, and chances are high that financial services can utilize your skillset. It is such a large space, meaning that opportunities for growth are even larger. Overall, its a stable industry you can continuously learn from. Women’s History Month helps to remind me that it’s never too late or too early to make your own history.

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Serina Molano
Public Relations Coordinator