Creating Healthy Financial and Wellness Habits

Creating healthy financial health and wellness habits were key for me in qualifying for the President’s Club (the President’s is composed of the top Advisors at Wedbush). I knew that to produce at my best, I had to be my best. I had to be my best physically, mentally and emotionally. I know that if I am not at my peak physically and mentally, my business and personal life are greatly affected. This is why I believe that health and finances are correlated.

If your finances are in an organized manner, there is less stress in your life. People that have plans, whether it is a financial plan or estate plan, tend to not have as much stress over their finances and this allows them the opportunity to focus on overall wellness. I help reduce stress in my clients lives and create an environment in which they can be happier, and more connected to what matters to them most.

One of my favorite sayings is “Drops make buckets.” I encourage all my clients that are new to investing to have multiple savings accounts or “buckets”. I find that if you have all of your funds lumped into one savings account, it is harder to identify how money is allocated. Title each account such as clothes, car, emergency, retirement, vacation or mad money and every month deposit funds into each account. This will help you save for that event. Maybe you don’t have enough for the vacation you want to take by the end of the year, but it could be enough to cover the airplane ticket. This is one less debt on your charge card that could possibly end up costing you more with interest. People will be amazed how the funds grow which will give them a sense of financial security. That is why I say “Drops make buckets.” I live by this and am the poster child.

People are living longer and need to make sure they do not outlive their funds. Your health is important; not only for you, but your family and friends. That is why I choose to work out 3 – 4 times a week and walk daily; not only for my physical health, but mental as well.

COVID has given me a time to reflect on what is most important to me. I need to spend time with my family and friends; which gives me a sense of belonging and connection. Whether we go hiking, traveling, or cook together, this allows me to have fun both when I am at work and when I am socializing.

I bring you a sample of my routine as an example of how one can train themselves to be healthy in every aspect of your life. Your routine may differ from mine, but by creating one of your own you will strike that balance to help ensure that you are in a position to be successful across the board.

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Meaghan McKenzie
Managing Director, Investments


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